mom dinner

Sometimes, you just need a mom meal. What makes a meal a “mom” meal?

1. You didn’t have to make it.

It was all done, a meal in one, for me to not have to worry about. Chicken, roasted red (the best kind) onions, pestoed spaghetti squash (didn’t have too much of this, but it is pretty low carb for squash), and cabbage.

2. It was homemade. That’s probably a duh, but I felt it was worth stating. She had premade it, frozen it, then pulled it out for a night when she was busy. That might be worthy of it’s own momism-that she froze her own meal (didn’t buy prepackaged and high preservative) and used it at a busy time.

3. It was healthy. You know a mom loves her family when she fixes them something healthy:) I had a little ketchup with my cabbage. I am kind of in love with ketchup right now. 4. Some of it came from the garden.   The spaghetti squash was home grown, as was the basil that made the pesto. The cabbage and onions were store bought-but she did grow her own of both things at one point. We do have chickens but just for the eggs…

Back tonight with more.



About thegypsycook

I'm a 22 year old who just graduated college and moved to Dallas to look for a job and help out my 75(!)year-old cousin. I'm a type 1 diabetic runner and I love being in the kitchen-cooking, baking, cleaning.
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