cheese blanket.

Yesterday when I carted home my mushrooms from work, there was a whole portobello snuck in there. I don’t really know if it was kosher for the kitchen guys to do that, or if it was even intentional. Either way, I benefitted! I’ve had a lot of mushrooms, so I honestly just didn’t even feel like making a meal out of it for myself. However, there is one little vegetarian in the house who I knew would appreciate it.I made this up as I went along, first grilling the mushroom in a pan on one side (I’d PAMmed both sides) and then after flipping it I doused it in balsamic vinegar. I added some little cherry tomatoes from the garden and the vinegar reduced down and became very sticky and sweet. Then I just topped the mushroom with goat and feta cheeses, put the tomatoes on top, and cooked it in a 425 degree oven (already on from something else) for about 7 minutes. Topped with some fresh basil from our herb garden, the first words out of my sister’s mouth upon seeing it were a mixture of “ohhhhh” and “yuuuuuum.”Did you ever have cheesy broccoli as a kid? That’s the only time I remember having it and liking it. I’m not anti-cheese, but I can’t say the thought of yellow cheese on broccoli does anything but give me the shivers. My mom on the other hand enjoyed her roasted broc underneath a cheese blanket.So remember how a few days ago I said I was trying to eat low(er) carb? I made a shocking and interesting discovery while conversing with my nutritionist. A good limit of carbs to shoot for is somewhere between 105-125. When I did a quick add-up of my carbs I was upwards of 180! Eeeek! So it is time to buckle down and be a real diabetic and be scrupulous in counting carbs and cutting back.

A few things I figured out:

-I was eating too too much fruit. Like 5 servings a day. Yes, fruit is good for you and better than candy or cookies, but fruit still has a lot of sugar (albeit natural).

-When a serving of food has 5+ grams of fiber, you can effectively slash half the carb count to get the “net carbs.” That’s why if you mix fiber with carbs (and/or with protein) you’ll be more full and your blood sugar will stay more stable. That’s true for everyone-not just diabetics.

-Cutting back on carbs doesn’t mean entirely eliminating grains and starches, but it does mean eating less. So I can’t not have bread or tortillas or cereal, but less is better an if it is a high fiber kind, so much the better.

Interesting stuff!


About thegypsycook

I'm a 22 year old who just graduated college and moved to Dallas to look for a job and help out my 75(!)year-old cousin. I'm a type 1 diabetic runner and I love being in the kitchen-cooking, baking, cleaning.
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