A freak rainstorm moved through late this afternoon, catching me unaware, yet again. As in, my car windows were down. I febreezed it a lot-as in as soon as I got in the car and every few minutes. Why does this happen to me?

On a happier note, my mom harvested her first eggplant out of the garden today! And I promptly roasted it and ate it. It was absolutely delectable and melted in my mouth. Seriously, it was like candy. Om nom nom.

I’ve been getting even earlier than normal to try and beat the absolutely ridiculous weather. Mid 90s by 8 am. No thank you! And work is even worse: grilling hot dogs and chicken and grilled cheese in 100 degree weather. I literally singed off a ton of hair on my right arm (my grilling arm, I guess). It is just constant sweating. All. The. Time.

Anyway, because I got up extra early I had more time before work and felt like making something fun. So I made French toast for breakfast for my brother and brother-in-law. Wow, I am one good sister. French toast always makes me feel like I’m a kid again…getting breakfast in bed on my birthday. It has to has to has to be covered in powdered sugar-not syrup. (The scent of syrup literally makes me want to gag-one of the few things that makes me feel that way). Almond butter is also a nice topping. But then again, what doesn’t almond butter make better?


About thegypsycook

I'm a 22 year old who just graduated college and moved to Dallas to look for a job and help out my 75(!)year-old cousin. I'm a type 1 diabetic runner and I love being in the kitchen-cooking, baking, cleaning.
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