1s and 2s

I’ve been training as a waitress at Mellow Mushroom. Needless to say, my lunches as of late have been high quality, gourmet pizza (which, did you know, “is all hand tossed, baked on a stone, and made to order!”-said in my cheesy server voice) and fresh salads with things like roasted red pepper, grilled portobello, and artichoke hearts, hummus platters and stuffed mushrooms. I’m going to try to sneak a picture today.

Last night, the whole family was in town-my two sisters and their husbands. We celebrated husband #2’s birthday with ice cream pie. It is usually a good idea to forewarn people that this dessert is coming at the end of the meal, just so they can prepare their stomach. While I was off at training, my mom and sister #1 (the number, make no mistake, has nothing to do with preference, merely the fact that she came first) did a garden harvest and came up with swiss chard, beets, lettuce galore, a carrot and onions. Beet greens and chard are some of the most beautiful vegetables, in my opinion. And in case you were wondering…those vibrant colors do show up after you’ve eaten them, as my family has learned.We were given the ultimatum that there was a strict 2 beets per person allotment. However, sister #2 (whose husband, incidentally, shares his first name with the other bro-in-law, but is #1, because he came into our lives first) and I gave a small cheer when husband #2 said he didn’t like beets, because it meant more for us. Husband #1 just skipped straight to the pie.

Like I said, please don’t think the numbers have any preferential affection attached to them; they merely indicate order of appearance.


About thegypsycook

I'm a 22 year old who just graduated college and moved to Dallas to look for a job and help out my 75(!)year-old cousin. I'm a type 1 diabetic runner and I love being in the kitchen-cooking, baking, cleaning.
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