bake bake bake.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mothers out there, especially my own Mumsie:)

Happy Mother's Day Mumsie!

Happy Mother's Day Mumsie!!Yesterday was a baking-palooza.

I spent a LONG time in the kitchen. So long, in fact, that I was just too tired to post about everything I did last night. Just wait for it, here it comes. For all these recipes I tried to do 3 things: use 1/2 wheat flour, 1/2 white, and cut back on oil/butter and sugar. I replaced the fat portion with either applesauce or plain yogurt (for everything but these first cookies). For sugar, I tried to use agave as much as possible (a lower calorie, natural sugar). Other than taste, the main concern with substituting things is the texture. Everything came out perfectly fine though! I made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (the regular kind, not the banana kind), just a basic recipe with a little less sugar.

oatmeal chocolate cookies Then it was on to breads: starting with banana bread. I actually didn't have enough bananas and used some dried banana chips. They sat in the defrosted (read:mushy) bananas and I think that softened them a little bit. They should add a nice little crunch texture in the finished bread.banana breadThen came pumpkin bread. Normally I would put chocolate chips in it, because what sweet bread isn't improved by adding chocolate? But it was not requested so it was spiced pumpkin-with nutmeg, cinnamon and allspice.pumpkin bread

Then I made muffins. To expedite the process I used 2 mini muffin mans (instead of one big one that makes 6 gigantic muffins. The first kind was carrot cake muffins with fresh ginger, pineapple, and coconut. There were 41 of these little guys. The great thing about these is that even though they are small, there is a lot of texture and flavor in that one little bite.

carrot cake muffinNext: zucchini muffins. I drained the zucchini after I grated it just because there is a lot of water in them, and that way I can pack more nutrient-dense zucchini in there! I also experimented doing a filled muffin. For a few of them I filled the muffin tin with only half the batter, dolloped a little bit of whipped cream cheese then put a little more batter on top. They turned out well; it will be fun to experiment with different fillings! There were 44 of these, 8 of them cream cheese filled.filled muffins

the cream cheese popped through!

To finish out the day, I made olive oil crackers, the recipe from the NYtimes. I made the basic dough and then before baking sprinkled with freshly grated parmesan, ground black pepper, and rosemary. I also left the dough whole after it was rolled out (instead of cutting into pieces) and broke pieces off after the baked. Because of this, the cooking time was longer, but they smelled really good and will be the perfect vehicle to shove hummus into the mouth!

And then I finished off this baking bonanza with dinner at Fadi’s. My friend and I sat outside (glorious! I love eating outside). This one had an unlimited salad bar (versus being served a plate, once, like the other Fadi’s I went to) and I went to town on roasted cauliflower, babaganoush, roasted eggplant, and mounds of Greek salad. It was worth every penny (there goes the “entertainment” part of my budget…). Enjoy the afternoon!