Easter recap:rain.

Since I came to Arkansas late Thursday night, it has rained practically nonstop. So much so that our return to Texas was delayed. Tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, and flooding are keeping us here another day. It is kind of like a bad dream where there is no sun, just tons of lightning, thunder, and a constant downpour. Not so tragic to be holed up with my family…but also super frustrating to have a few days totally rearranged.

dying Easter eggs, and showing off our India bangles (from my brother!)

So, Easter recap: Good Friday was a busy busy day running errands, which included checking my eyes and getting them dilated. I couldn’t see anything up close for hours and can now empathize with all those people who are extremely near-sighted. I went to my brother’s chapel (he goes to a private school), and it was probably the best Good Friday service I’ve ever been to. He did it with 3 other friends (all seniors) and for his part he quoted (in an engaging, stellar manner) the entire book of Philippians from the Bible. So so good, and so impactful.

in our fine Easter dresses (and shirt)

Saturday morning it was a thunderstorm so I went downstairs to do my run on the treadmill. I’ve been so proud of myself because this whole weekend (including today) I’ve gotten up and run before breakfast. I feel like I’ve accomplished so much for some reason whenever I do that. Anyway, I loathe treadmills (great in a pinch, but never my favorite) and I managed to do about 3.5 miles at 7-7 1/2 miles per hour before I went crazy. I snuck out after breakfast amid a few thunder rolls and relished the outdoors before it dumped again!

That afternoon we had a surprise birthday party for my parents (both turned 60 in March) and had about 50 people here. It was a lovely party and great to see lots of people! I made yogurt chocolate cake with strawberry icing and carrot cupcakes with ginger cream cheese icing. There were also apple slices with marshmallow + strawberry cream cheese dip and a veggie tray with black bean hummus.

carrot cupcakes with ginger cream cheese icingchocolate cake...with disastorous icing

Easter Sunday it was pouring rain, shocking! But we had lamb with mint jelly and roasted veggies. And then, it was time for the Easter egg hunt. It was intense, friends, intense. It was my younger brother, 2 older sisters, and one brother-in-law. My dad took relish in hiding them in hard spots and there was literally scratching, clawing, racing, and shoving to get to the them. In the process, 2 of the real eggs got smashed, and we discovered they hadn’t been totally boiled. Woopsies. However, I can say with pride, that I beat everyone soundly with a total of 25 eggs-a major whooping. (The next closest, my brother, had 16).

roasted tomatoes and feta

Another glorious part to the weekend was being in my mom’s fabulous garden. She endeavored to make raised beds for her garden and it was a major success, as far as I’m concerned. I cut fresh broccoli and spinach (fresh is best!) and saw all the other little sprouts of cabbage, cauliflower, carrots, beets, tomatoes, peppers, radishes, potatoes, kale,  herbs, and lettuces. Can you see why I want to be home this summer??

epic garden!

I volunteered to make dinner (surprising, right?) and tried to make use of the leftovers. So on the menu: mango chutney to go over the pork and lamb, quinoa roasted broc, and apple salad. The mango chutney is just fresh mango, roasted white onions, tons of fresh mint, and some curry, turmeric, s&p, olive oil, and a pinch of sugar.


Because of our messed up travel plans, I had some spinach cooked. I added mint, some soy crumbles (fake meat), a bit of plain yogurt, mustard, and feta cheese and baked it.On the agenda tonight, after dinner, family bonding and “The King’s Speech.”


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