Carrot tops and apple cores.

Yes. I’m that frugal and hate to see anything go to waste, so I eat the tops off carrots and the cores of apples. I eat slightly wilted lettuce and if a loaf of bread has mold on it, I’ll probably just get rid of that piece (or take off the moldy part). I HATE seeing food go to waste. It’s probably one of my biggest pet peeves. Not to get preachy, so moving on.

The family I work for is very into small bites and are kind of “grazers.” So for the weekend I loaded them up with a lot: to start, some hummus. There was black bean hummus, again and this was roasted red pepper hummus. I have yet to get the kids to try it, but we have to take baby steps with healthy eating. This was super simple: garbanzo beans, jarred red peppers, a teensy bit of oil (the peppers were pretty liquidy) and then some seasoning. At the last minute I threw in some grated parmesan cheese to help thicken it.

Moving on to spinach artichoke dip: healthified.

This had thawed spinach, a can of artichokes I drained (and squeezed dry) then chopped along with a little can of water chesnuts. I used 8 oz. of plain Greek yogurt and about a 1/4 cup of sour cream (instead of ALL sour cream). There was a tiny bit of shredded cheese in there, like 2 little slice chopped up. Salt and pepper. Delicious.

Then I made something entirely new: mini calzones. Which as I was informed today means underwear. How extremely appetizing. But THESE were. I made flatbread dough for the crust, recipe here. I cut out little rounds and folded them over with a mixture of ground turkey and a variety of cheeses: grated parmesan, softened goat, and a bit of cut up brie. They were bathed in an egg wash and cooked at 400 for about 15 minutes. Apparently they were great little bites. Dipped in marinara sauce, I think, would be really excellent.

This post took probably like 30 minutes to do…thank you computer. And a few distractions:)


About thegypsycook

I'm a 22 year old who just graduated college and moved to Dallas to look for a job and help out my 75(!)year-old cousin. I'm a type 1 diabetic runner and I love being in the kitchen-cooking, baking, cleaning.
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