Brazilian models

Mmmm. My cousin said she thought I might turn into a brussel sprout because I eat so many. Thanks? I guess?

But they are good on salads, along with beets. Somebody told me one time that all the Brazilian models eat carrots and beets to help maintain their tans. I don’t know if that’s true, but it totally makes sense because we all know carrots have beta carotene which can make you turn orange. And since beets are super high in betalain, which is what gives it that reddish hue, I guess the red negates the orange, or at least combines with it to give a nice rosy glow. Obviously fresh beets are so so much better than canned, but canned aren’t awful.

What to do with leftover ravioli filling? Mix it with the best grain ever…farro. It tasted kind of like risotto. And of course butternut squash with parmesan cheese can only make things better. It’s great as a side dish, cold, or as a main dish heated. It would be just as great mixed with some grilled chicken or salmon (or some marinated and grilled tofu, vegetarians).

A note on diabetes. I can’t say I’ve ever had fun managing it…nor does it have rewards exactly. Not noticeably anyway, unless you count as a fourth grader skipping PE or jumping to the front of the lunch line because my blood sugar was low. Moderation of high carb/high sugar things is just daily life. Like last night, I went to friends’ for dinner, and had no control over the meal. So, because she served spaghetti and meatballs with bread (high carb country already) I skipped out on the cherry pie. A non-diabetic might not understand that choice, but sometimes I have to be willing to do that in order to keep my blood sugar as stable as possible.

Choices, people, it’s all about choices. And if you so choose to make those peanut butter cinnamon rolls-go to Joni’s awesome vegan blog and see her recipe! Oh and that giveaway? It got postponed for a little while. I’ll let you know when it’s back on:)


About thegypsycook

I'm a 22 year old who just graduated college and moved to Dallas to look for a job and help out my 75(!)year-old cousin. I'm a type 1 diabetic runner and I love being in the kitchen-cooking, baking, cleaning.
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